Noemi Veberič Levovnik Whacky Self and Clown Streetwear Art Multiples for Messy People

10. May 2023 – 28. May 2023

multiple release

solo exhibition

Live an extraordinary life! GalerijaGallery and MADE IN CHINA present the release of the Streetwear Art Multiples for Messy People series by Noemi Veberič Levovnik. The Whacky Self Manifesto promotes weirdness as a means of self-fulfilment on the path to liberation from societal norms. Join us for a secret performance by The Clown and embrace your wonderfully weird and authentic self at the exhibition opening.


10. May 2023 ob 20:00

A secret performance

12. May 2023 ob 17:00

Performative event and guidance

27. May 2023 ob 18:00

Odpiralni čas

WED, THU, FRI 16:00–18:00
SAT 27. may 12:00–17:00
SUN 28. may 14:00–19:00

The Whacky Self streetwear multiples are inspired by graffiti, rap culture, the fashion of the 1980s and 1990s, performance art, cabaret, video, drawing, poetry and graphic design, representing a culmination of the artist’s interdisciplinary practice across genres.

The exhibition will show the origins of the Clown, and the current growth of this archetype into a (fashion) statement, while offering a glimpse into the artist’s interdisciplinary practice, queer cabarets, and club performances. The Clown will also greet visitors at the opening with a secret performance.

Whackyself multiples are the continuation of Noemi’s collaborations with Galerija Gallery/Made in China, starting with an online solo exhibition Air Conditions in 2020, which inspired the first official appearance of the Clown. The artist’s video and sound autoportrait captured her new character both in a private apartment, drinking and smoking, and interacting with passers by on the streets of Berlin. A work marked by melancholy, subversiveness, playfulness and sexuality was symbolizing the artist’s personal life and work during the pandemic. The artist used the images captured that very first time she became the Clown to create the current multiples. The current exhibition will present a series of wearable objects from T-shirts to hoodies, a swim-suit and even a baby onesie, the seed of which was planted that day.

The Clown kept on popping up since then, superposing itself everywhere, in sexy and emotional performances such as the Peepshow with its “gun striptease”, or the “Send in the Clowns” drag number, and as a human-sized poster inviting passers-by to the exhibition at her second collaboration with the gallery, in which the artist gave away her earlier works and personal belongings in the summer of 2021. The current show will thus be a sort of closing of a circle of with the Made in China launch of the online shop of the Whacky Self.


Noemi Veberič Levovnik

Noemi Veberič Levovnik is an interdisciplinary artist. She graduated from Film and Fine Arts at the University of Paris 8 and from Contemporary Art at the Ecole supérieure d’art de Quimper in France. Her artistic practice is a fluid journey of performance, poetry, drawing, installation, video, sound and other media. Through playful embodiement and dramatic accents, humor and inquisitve psychological components she higlights the position of women and LGBTQ in society. She frequently develops her work through dreamy characters, sometimes masked, sometimes in drag, always in search of pushing the boundaries of personal dreams into collective stories. She regularly performs at cabarets and theatres with her troupe of alter-egos The Slightly Strange Theatre. Her work has been shown amongst others at MSUM, National Modern Gallery, Galerie A+A, Photon Gallery, Slovene Cinemateque, SoundActs in Athens, Performance Art Festival Berlin, SOHO House, Alte Munze and ACUD Theatre in Berlin. Noemi's work is part of the Archive of Slovene video art DIVA. Her poetry was published in Nothing Personal?! Essays on Affect, Gender, and Queerness by b_books. She is based in Berlin.