Made in China

MADE IN CHINA is both an art project and a brand that explores and implements new ways of producing, promoting, and distributing art. It examines the nature, position, and potential an artistic object or gesture has in society, looking for new effective ways of artistic participation – both within the art system, the wider societal context, and in the context of the modern economy.

Made in China breaks out of its artistic bonds, expanding into a sphere occupied by a consumerist and profit-oriented society as a kind of poetic disturbance and a moment of non-conformity within an apparent social consensus, representing a potential and possible other.

The Made in China project produces, promotes, and distributes affordable artwork in series or multiples, created by some of the most prominent Slovenian artists, as well as by guest artists from other countries. The multiples making up the Made in China art collection and brand also form the basis of larger exhibitions, events, and interventions, which are part of the project.

The Made in China art multiples are made to be sold; it is our wish they find a place in homes and be offered as occasional gifts to friends. By buying Made in China multiples, you are making a gesture ensuring artists go on creating and supporting future Made in China projects, which spread art among people.