Noemi Veberič Levovnik A grand farewell party for old things

GalerijaGallery invites you to the opening of the exhibition and to a two-day event: Noemi Veberič Levovnik "Farewell party for old things", starting on Thursday, 15.7. 2021, at 7 p.m.

This time the event will take place in the new additional spaces of GalerijaGallery: GG minus 1, at the address Ob Ljubljanici 16 b.

On Friday, 16.7.2021, at 11 am, you are invited to a farewell brunch and hanging out, also in GG minus 1, at the address Ob Ljubljanica 16 b.

A grand farewell party for old things.

Collages, paintings on canvas, an old wooden clock, a large chandelier, photographs, old television sets, objects, furniture, clothes and shoes, postcards, a bicycle seat, heavy curtains from past art installations, mirrors, balls of yarn and sewing cloths, colored light bulbs, drawings, sketches, drawings, sketches, frames, painted suitcases…

I’m getting lost in all these objects.

Take a walk among them and look at them. Every one of them has a story. Do you need it? Did this drawing or that painting over there call your name, did you find in it that forgotten atmosphere or just a sparkling invitation to be with you from now on?

Every object, every artwork deserves some attention. It deserves its own space, to be at home somewhere. To come alive. Not to rot in a drawer, not to sleep in the attic, not to wallow in the basement, locked in a box. Not to move from room to room, from apartment to apartment, without serving me, in my nomadic Berlin life.

Two and a half years ago, I watched my favorite series of all time on Netflix: the Marie Kondo reality show, where people learn how to keep only what really makes them happy. I have been taking part in a process Marie Kondo calls the Festival for two and a half years now. My festival. And now I'm going to throw a final party to celebrate its completion.

The last ones to go are my artworks. 35 years of creation, boxes full of it, and folders and suitcases. With the exception of a few specimens, I am giving permission to the others to start their own life with somebody else. Even if I means giving them away.

This is a farewell party for all the old things that will become new things to someone.

By saying goodbye to them, I feel lighter with each passing month. I say goodbye to everything that was in the past and discover who I am. Am I the same? Am I new? So many possibilities open up when I drop who I used to be and question the present moment. I know that in every new work that I make, all those that are no more will be present.

When I give something away, a new space opens within me. I respectfully say goodbye to it. Before it leaves my life, I tell its story one last time.

Come see this large and overflowing installation in GalerijaGallery. There will be a DJ, dancing, drinks, people. A retrospective of 35 years. We will celebrate these objects and these works, most of which will be on public display for the last time. Anything that doesn’t find a new owner, goes a few hundred yards away, to the Center Ponovne Uporabe, or into the trash. Thursday night, party. Friday afternoon, brunch with a DJ.

What’s the deal?

Anyone can take anything. In return, they may or may not make a donation, according to each person’s ability or desire.

Maybe someone from the neighboring studios will join the call and brings their own table with things and works that want new homes.

Let's dance together and let everything, everything, everything go!

P.S. The event will feature guest DJs Mint aka Soter Amun and Srđjan Prodanović aka Some1else ( Among the drawings, I found forgotten portraits of Srđan, my favorite DJ from my time in Ljubljana, who will make Thursday night into a real party. During Friday’s brunch, Mint aka Soter Amun, with whom we collaborated on In Search of Nightlife, will be playing sets (my last spatial installation before leaving for Berlin, at the Alkatraz Gallery). He will put on the same outfit: a bathrobe, spinning tunes from those times.