Arnož Božič KS -1

24. March 2022 – 12. April 2022

The project examines the micro- and macrostructure, and the relationship between the two. The concept itself seeks to ascertain the meaning of the value of an individual part in relation to the whole, which is reflected in the changing value of the individual parts of the structure.

Through this reconstruction of the relationship between the whole and its parts, it also triggers general discussions around contemporary social structure (and its culture). The micro introduces concrete content into macrostructures. The post-war deconstruction of wholeness in the name of the liberation of the individual produced an incoherent network of microphenomena. The lack of this dynamic within the modern environment, in which the concept and meaning of culture are increasingly being challenged, generates uncertainty.

At the same time, it is about the return of the sublime in contemporary art, using digital and spatial manipulations of images, which at first glance may represent something abstract, individual, but simultaneously constitute a part of a clearly defined whole. This likewise subtly emphasises the nature of the visual experience, which is achieved by choosing the size of the photographs, post-production and manipulation, as well as through high resolution. All of this allows us to see the micro-macro structure.

The search for the “new” through the prism of complex systems reveals the relations and relationships between the individual elements of structures and the whole, between order and chaos.