Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair & Wolfgang Obermair M#43: Panzerwurst & M#44: Olga visits her Mother

03. November 2023 – 23. December 2023

release of two multiples and an exhibition

This Friday, 3 November, at 7pm, we are opening the exhibition, releasing two multiples and launching the MADE IN CHINA series of exhibitions, which will intensively take place in November and December, culminating in a retrospective on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of MADE IN CHINA.

The first exhibition on the schedule of your favourite gallery is the international guest appearance of the artist couple Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair + Wolfgang Obermair, who will delight us with the multiples M#43 and M#44.


In the space of GalerijaGallery CENTER at Trg francoske revolucije 3


MON-FRI: 16.00-20.00
SATURDAY: 10.00-14.00

Panzerwurst was created specially for Made in China. It consists of two interlocked forms: a stylized silhouette of a tank and a sausage. The manner they are depicted recalls a cartoon or a children´s drawing. In the context of current wars the represented objects act as symbols. Their combination evokes direct but multilayered associations.

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair: Panzerwurst
painted wood
18 × 29 × 25 cm
limited edition of 25
certificate of authenticity
25 €

Olga visits her Mother is a reproduction of a pre-war piece by Wolfgang as a multiple, when art was still easy and unmonumental. Its elements create a lightweight structure under tension that connects walls and ceilings of every possible building: A broomstick supports a plastic cup with an elastic belt. Repeating the work is like a self-empowerment exercise that everybody could do at home.

Wolfgang Obermair: Olga visits her Mother
cup, elastic belt, broomstick
120 × 40 cm
unlimited edition
certificate of authenticity
25 €

Wolfgang Obermair

Wolfgang Obermair is an Austrian-German artist based in Vienna. He has a background in painting and media art, having studied in Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. His works explore experimental and material research through sculptures and other media. He also engages in curatorial projects, performances, and collaborations with other artists.



Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair is an artist, researcher, and curator based in Vienna. She is interested in the processes of history writing, creation of memories, and assigning of meanings to objects and events. With a strong emphasis on analytical approaches she still believes in poetics and intuition as essential features of art.