Magical Misery Tour 2023

27. May 2023 – 27. May 2023

a magical journey through Ljubljana's galleries

Experience the enchantment of art like never before on the Magical Misery Tour. Discover hidden performances, immersive music, unexpected artistic interventions, and delightful socializing aboard our enchanting bus. Indulge in a banquet of flavors and celebrate the transformative power of creativity. Join us for an extraordinary urban adventure, where art becomes magic and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Gathering in front of the Kresija Gallery

ob 14:00

Exhibition tour, welcome drink and snacks

2 - By bus from the market to Metelkova

ob 14:30

Opening speech, hat game and nostalgia

3 - Metelkova, City

ob 14:45

Visiting exhibitions and galleries: Alkatraz, Pešak Night Showcase and Chanell Zero, the smallest gallery in Europe.

4 - Performance by improv theatre artists

The improvisational theatre makers will be putting on a surprise performance for us

5 - By bus from Metelkova to Šiška

ob 15:15

6 – Šiška Gallery Quarter

ob 15:45

Visiting exhibitions and galleries: Kino Šiška, Photon and GalerijaGallery

7 - Concert of the group Pinja jazzna and a banquet

ob 16:15

Music programme:

1. Freedom
2. Melodija
3. Dramatic climax
4. Tragic ending
5. Denouement

8 - Clown performance

ob 18:00

in the context of the exhibition Noemi Veberič Levovnik


During Art Weekend Ljubljana, GalerijaGallery will organise the Magical Misery Tour - a guided tour of selected Ljubljana gallery exhibitions, guided by an organised bus service. The project aims to offer users a special, urban experience of the city and the art that is being created in the local space today.

In addition to short guided tours of the exhibitions, the journey is often spiced up with various events on the bus, on the way between the selected locations and with unexpected artistic interventions in the urban fabric of the city. The journey usually starts or ends with a banquet and a gathering with music. The event is entirely free of charge.

The project involves a number of small galleries, artists, studios and NGOs in the field of culture or visual arts - they represent the most vital part of contemporary art production in Slovenia, and they need both actual and symbolic support and intensive promotion among the citizens of Ljubljana ... Magical Misery Tour events are organised for the sixth year within the Šiška Gallery Quarter and with the support of the City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture.