Martin Petrič #fake ­alpha ­pixel

GalerijaGallery is inviting you to Martin Petrič’s: #fakealphapixel exhibition opening. The exhibition is part of the “GG Temporary Take Over” project.

Ode to a fake transparent pixel.

It is transparent,
small usually
and is “fake”.
Non existent.
At least not in the physical world.
It's a copy.
A copy of nothing
what you could see,
is a copy.
Transparent pixel.
Hence the copy
basic building block of
everything visual on the internet.
And yet it’s not just one copy,
it’s a sea of copies,
which have many different interpretations,
Disregards copyright,
does not respect the principles of rarity,
ignores everything.
multiplies, transforms, applies,
as it wills.
But not Chinese.

Thanks Antonio.


My material is - fake, plagiarism, copy. In the digital environment of NFTs. #fakealphapixel is web 3.0. With it, I occupy many dimensions of the blockchains.
I will occupy more.
And yet, I wonder about its physicality. Its approximation, its manifestation in other dimensions. I managed to put a couple of them in the installations that are on display.
The original alpha pixel NFT is an artwork of a friend, Italian digital artist prof. Antonio Rollo.
In this exhibition, you will see the digital NOTHING, but it is much more than nothing and it is packed with countless meanings. At least that's how I think of it….

The number of NFTs for live airdrop is limited to 140.