Anastazija Pirnat, Neža Perovšek, Maša Knapič Failed plans for world domination and other predictable events

The exhibition explores the concept of collective collaboration in building a group exhibition. By combining their works into a symbiotic organism, three young artists upgrade their role of individual creators.

The fusion of the primary interests of artists Neža Perovšek, who explores the very human habit of hoarding, searching for its inherent possibilities of visual representation, Anastazija Pirnat, who is interested in the fluctuation between meaning and absurdity when thinking about the relationship between image and concept and how new places of expression are opened up through this work process, and Maša Knapič, who examines the position of painting today and the decentralized field of the image, which inherently expands into space, can be understood as a natural continuation of the work they did when sharing a studio during their studies. Through causal linking, they try to focus on their connecting and differentiating elements when introducing elements into a new whole.

Anastazija Pirnat (b. 1996) graduated from the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019, where she is currently completing her master’s degree. Her primary painting practice touches on the question of how a painting is placed within different contexts in relation to a concept that is constantly being built and disintegrated. She is interested in the possibilities that arise at the point of failure of declaration and pass between meaning and absurdity. She has held the following solo exhibitions: Word is usually not a replacement (Layerjeva hiša, Kranj 2021), Navigating blunder (Atelier im Schwimmbad, Wies 2021), but she is a very nice lady and she is a very nice person and she is a very nice ( DobraVaga, Ljubljana 2021), I can't say anything just like that (Ravne Gallery, Ravne na Koroškem 2021), and Texture of erasure (Raum AU, Slovenj Gradec 2019). She also participated in many group exhibitions, among others in Škuc Gallery, Zala Gallery, Dobra Vaga, Bank of Slovenia Gallery, Academia Moderna (Zagreb), The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Equrna Gallery and DLUM Gallery. In 2020, she received recognition from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design for her work, as well as first prize at the Koroška, ​​kdo si? art competition. In 2021, she was invited to the Atelier im Schwimmbad residency in Wies.

Neža Perovšek (b. 1996) approaches her work with the mindset of an archivist, exploring the very human habit of hoarding, the guiding principle of which – compulsion – dictates the entire process of constructing images. She is completing her postgraduate studies at the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she previously earned her bachelor’s degree. She has exhibited independently in Simulaker Gallery (Max capacity – Mixed reviews, 2022), the DLUL Gallery (Low storage – Low effort, 2021), and in DobraVaga (I've lost all patience with myself, 2022, Unnamed interiors, 2019, You are here, 2018). Her work was featured in several group exhibitions in Slovenia (Ravnikar Gallery Space, Alkatraz Gallery, Layer House, Bank of Slovenia Gallery...) and abroad (Fish Factory, GB and Improper walls, AT). In September 2021, she was awarded studio space by the Poligon Creative Centre, and in the spring of 2022 she was the resident artist of the DobraVaga Open Studio.

Maša Knapič (b. 1996) obtained a graduate degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019, where she is currently completing her master’s degree. She works as a painter, seeing it as part of an inseparable relationship with other media. She investigates the influence of the environment on the individual, the repetition of behavioural patterns and identity. She is interested in the relationship between the image and its carrier and the context in which the work is embedded. Her work has been featured in the Sharpening…please steady your device at DobraVaga (Ljubljana, 2021) solo exhibition and as part of the Unfamiliar Area: ft. props project at the Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana, 2022). She also participated in several group exhibitions in Slovenia (Bank of Slovenia Gallery, DobraVaga, Zala Gallery, Layer House).