Kontra Kino #2: Re-pro­jection

The KontraKino – Re-projection GG2015-19 online project is the second in the series of video evenings that include a selection of videos by artists who exhibited their work during this period at the GalerijaGallery.

The second edition of KontraKino showcases work by visual artists Sanela Jahić and Gabriel Rossell Santillán.

Sanela Jahić

The video by intermedia artist Sanela Jahić, Factory, was part of the Young Female Art in Šiška, Part 1 exhibition, curated for GG in 2017 by Žiga Kariž.

The artist, known for creating visual and technological kinetic objects and installations, uses her work to reflect on the current global capitalism paradigm and explores the relationship between man and machine, as well as between the employer and employee within the production process. Criticizing capitalist production through technological tools, she examines the relationship between technology, society, and the identity of individuals within it.

Gabriel Rossell Santillán
Los Lobos (The Wolves)

The video by North American artist Gabriel Rossell Santillán, Los Lobos (The Wolves) was showcased as part of his solo exhibition, And the Serpent Bites the Dove, at GalerijaGallery in 2018.

The artist divides his time between Mexico and Germany. His work combines critical thinking and social activism, coupled with a subtle personal artistic poetics, which manifests in a number of different media, materials, and artistic gestures.

By using different media, such as drawing, performance, photography, and video, he creates specific narratives, which take the form of epistemologies of collective authorship, native critical thinking, and feminist and queer theory. These explore alternative forms of transmitting knowledge, often centering on the body and its interactions with smell, warmth, humidity, etc.